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Application documents arranged in the following order

2.3.5 Application documents arranged in the following order : . Passport photo size 3 × 4 cm 2 ( two ) pieces2.3.5.2 . Copy of valid ID2.3.5.3 . Printout ( print out ) online application form that has been signed2.3.5.4 . Written cover letter with roman letters using black ink and signed by the applicant stating the position that will be spoken , addressed to the Minister of Education and Culture through the local unit leader ( Rector of the University of North Sumatra ) , no stamp duty ( example cover letter attached ) . Copy of STTB / accredited diploma with transcript value and must comply with the required academic qualifications , and approved / certified by the competent authority ( the determination date STTB / Diploma must be before the date of applying , a certificate should not / statements have not graduated ) ; ( attestation diploma / STTB in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations ) . For applicants who have a college diploma graduates overseas must attach a letter decision equivalency determination and assessment of the Directorate General of Higher diploma Kemdikbud ; . Minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 35 years on December 1, 2013
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